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Nicki Dennis
Nicki Dennis Alabama,United States
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18 Apr 2014

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I have had to handle some things that I wish I hadn't but in truth who hasn't. I started to write about my life long medical issues and all the other tragic things that have happened in my 52 years and then I decided why. I would rather write about the good things. Things like I have some of the most special neices and nephews anyone could ever have. Something like even though I lost my first husband to drunk drivers I was lucky enough to find another good man that has made my life so much better just by being in it. Things like I was lucky enough to have had a Mama and Daddy that I wouldn't have traded for all the riches in the world. So even though life has dealt me some really harsh blows I have been lucky enough to get right back up and keep going. I am a stronger woman because of the issues and pain, it taught me that I was able to deal with whatever and survive. I know there will be more of the bad stuff, both personaly and because of what I am afraid this world is coming to. But I can only do as much as I can do. I will keep trying to protect the ones in my life the best I can and I will keep praying for the rest of the world. Hopefully with the knowledge that we as peaple have learned in the last few years things will start to get better. As for my jewerly I have always been lucky with the ability to make things. I have gone though them all sewing, quilting, painting, woodworking, you name it and I at least attempted it. I love being busy and I really love working with my hands. Jewelry is my latest love. I hope you see something that you like and if not drop me a line and tell me your idea. I will see what I can do to make it come to life for you. I love to learn new techniques and I have always been self taught. Give me a book or instructions of some kind and I will work at it until I get it right. Any way check out what I have and please keep looking back because I am always adding new material.

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Fear the kind of fear that keeps me going even when I hurt so bad all I want to do is give into it and of course my family they are the ones I keep moving for.